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BOM Information and Policies


Why our BOM programs?



  • We understand that it’s often easier to have a small monthly outlay for a quilt project rather than to buy a kit upfront.  Our Block of the Month programs offer you that opportunity.



  • They also offer the convenience of having the fabric chosen and provided for you, with no need to do the legwork or purchase more fabric than is needed for the project.



  • We use only our own patterns, which we know inside out!
  • With the feedback we get about our patterns being some of the best and easiest to follow in the industry, we are confident you will have success with each project.



  • If you run into problems, we are available for questions, always!
  • Reach us by phone, email, or in our Facebook Stitchers group.


How it Works:



  • A non-refundable registration fee is charged when you sign up, and enrolls you for the complete program.
  • The fee serves a double purpose:
    • It lets us know you are serious about doing the project.
    • It helps us prepare what is necessary for the program.



  • When you join the program, it is understood that you will be participating for the entire project.
  • We plan and prepare kits based on the original number of registrants.
  • If something dire happens that would prevent you from continuing, please let us know and we will work with you to the best of our ability. Please understand that the registration fee is non-refundable.


Program Quota

  • If there are not enough signups for us to run the program, we will cancel it, notify you, and refund your registration fee.


Monthly Offerings

  • Your offering will be sent each month around the same date as the start date of the project.
  • Each shipment will contain the fabric for that month’s block(s) or border(s).
  • The PDF pattern will be sent via email when we send each shipment.
    • You must have access to email to obtain the pattern!
    • We do not send paper patterns with every offering!
    • Occasionally some appliqué pattern segments are sent in paper form for select projects, but not all.


Cost & Payment Details


Kit Cost

  • We spread out the cost of the quilt over the duration of the program.
  • The amount you pay will be the same each month as reflected in the specific information for each program (plus sales tax, if applicable).



  • For domestic orders, shipping is usually included in the monthly price, but for some programs is $4.99. Please check each program for shipping details.
  • For International participants, we use a “hold to fill” method and send one shipment every 3 months.
    • You will be billed for shipping along with each monthly offering, and then your offerings will be sent in the 3rd month.
    • The monthly shipping cost will be $5.99 for Canadian and $7.99 for International.


Monthly Billing

  • The card you use to register for the program will be billed each month on or around the same date as the start date of your project.
  • Please use a credit or debit card and not PayPal when you register.
  • If your card is ever declined for any reason, we will contact you by email and ask you to contact us to update your card information.


Privacy Policy

  • You can read our privacy and other policies HERE.